Purity Ice Cream Co. Case Study

CHALLENGE: How can an existing, iconic, local ice cream shop keep its brand fresh, unveil new initiatives, overhaul its retail space, reorganize its customer experience and double its square footage while not separating from its historic roots? Purity Ice Cream Co. partnered with SDG to dig in to their recent remodel, launch of their breakfast and lunch offerings and overhaul their graphics. A sweet success, SDG continues to serve as Purity’s creative team, our figurative cherry on top!

SOLUTION: Keeping to the heart and soul of this Ithaca favorite was at the forefront of all SDG solutions. Working closely with the clients – learning their story, eating their ice cream, understanding their passion for enhancing the classic – was essential to create solutions that kept up with their product and experience. We developed the concept of “don’t cross the Purity line” to refer to pushing the brand just far enough to enhance, but not replace. Graphics freshened, menus for new lines were colorful, bright, modern and classic – with a touch of whimsy. The copy became bold, beckoning – but playful – reflective of the company itself. We worked with the architect and construction team to configure the interior expansion – creating new queuing strategies to maximize product exposure, analyzing traffic flow and fulfillment process – even planning back of house and kitchen needs – after all, one needs to know how many gallons of ice cream will fit in their new freezer! We relished meetings to pour over ideas for bakery cases, finishes, door placement and flow. The result was a beautiful expansion of the existing brand that held onto its historical roots while increasing efficiency, impact, and boosted sales. Did we mention that the ice cream was the secret? No, really, we’d like more meetings please.

photos courtesy of Heather Lane, Purity Ice Cream Co. shot by Allison Usavage allisonusavage.com

Signage and Collateral

Breakfast and Lunch Launch

From labels to names and copy. SDG’s sweet spot is carrying that brand experience into every last detail.


Space Planning and Design



All the Work

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Moving On

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