BrinGing your story to life

It’s no secret that the latest, lightest, brightest, and most interactive tech, is on display at trade shows and beyond. Our experienced team creates intriguing AV design solutions using cutting edge technologies.  The goal is to inspire, motivate, and make it matter.  Whether stateside or overseas - our team is here to help.




SDG has a fleet of state-of-the-art touchscreen solutions ready to make your brand interactive. Adjustable on the fly, our CMS can be customized to display any type of pre-existing content. Display images, videos, webpages, and more, with an interactive and playful interface that allows the user to explore your brand with the tap of a finger. Additionally, through our touch-marker interface, we can customize content to individual users. For example, sales only can see the sales sheets or research can show recent study. Want to email that to a client? No problem, emails can be sent directly from the displays themselves.

Video Walls

Video walls are still the best way to do large scale video for tradeshows. With SDG’s solutions- we can put 1080p technology at your fingertips and can reconfigure our walls to be any orientation (not just in a row), pull from any source material, and be controlled by a cell phone or remotely over the net. Want to live broadcast a conference lecture? Just give us access to the feed. Want your sales staff to have personalized video content and location - how many salespeople do you have? Our system is extremely flexible and perfect for the tradeshow environment.

SDG designs the power of technology into your brand experience. We pride ourselves in working directly with our technology solutions, so our designers can bring every capability, every option, every element to bear on your project. It lets us provide the best service and recommendations. Additionally, should something go wrong onsite - we’re immediately available to begin working the problem. With SDG, your technological hopes and dreams come true.