Brand Strategy The Ehrhart Energy Case Study

CHALLENGE: Is the Finger Lakes region ready to embrace the relatively new technology of pellet heat and if so, how can a sales/promotion program be built to expand this offering within an already established energy company based mainly in propane? SDG reached out to one of our trusted partners Rebecca Bortner, a highly respected marketing specialist, to spearhead this dive into an emerging market. An aggressive timeframe, an untapped market, and a product that required a lot of consumer education – sounds like the making of an interesting challenge.

SOLUTION: We started with an overall study of three things, the client’s current organization capabilities and reputation amongst current and potential customers, the capabilities of the new product, and a demographic study of the area and definition of potential clients. These answers let us approach our design and marketing solution from a metrics-based position rather than a creative one. Our findings allowed us to establish a comprehensive marketing campaign to launch this product push. Including product rollout press, initial release special events, advertising – large and small format, a devoted website and presence, print and radio media campaigns, email campaigns and more. The ability to laser focus Ehrhart’s corporate communications through an abundance of research puts them in a desirable position – poised to revolutionize the heating industry in New York State.

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The client was selling a product - but it was a product that they chose to sell based on a love for their community and a commitment to environmental responsibility. Is there a way to sell something that also shows heart?
We certainly think so.

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Brand Strategy is a specialty of SDG and when Rheonix, a molecular diagnostics company, came to us for help, we were ready. Like many new clients, the Rheonix team wasn’t sure where to start. They appreciated our aesthetic, knew we could develop creative that they would love – but weren’t quite sure ‘how to turn us loose.’ SDG dove into the Rheonix tech, learning the science, their objectives, the audience and the competition – and with that rich information – made suggestions of how to prioritize their marketing budget and resources. Versatile and functional video animations were just one element of a multi-year robust plan of action. See more of our work created through that partnership here.

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