Tradeshow design and show services is the heart of sdg. From modular solutions to large scale custom builds, our team is ready to create an engaging exhibit for your team. sdg show services makes exhibiting simple. you arrive at show start, with a beautiful booth ready. we want to make it easy for you to do what you do best. Get ready to own the show.

Having SDG manage the booth logistics is a significant value add for me. They’re on time and within budget and the result looks good—which makes me look good. What else could you ask for in a service provider?
Greg, USA

Client Spotlight

Dovetail Genomics came to SDG with a classic challenge we see from many clients - a sudden change in the volume and geography of shows on their schedule. Their team reached out with an aggressive timeline of new tradeshows - many in the states, others in Italy, the Netherlands, China and Hong Kong. SDG dove in and handled all logistics, from booth fabrication and overseas ship to making sure they had printed materials and giveaways at all their foreign shows. Working with our designers, our account executives and SDG leadership - Dovetail’s short timeframe to show abroad was handled seamlessly.

What can you do to get more people to stop in your booth? How can we maximize your budget to reduce shipping costs? What is Drayage and why is it so expensive? These are all common questions we hear and with our experience, we’ve developed a lot of simple answers. With all aspects of a show at our fingertips- Design, fabrication, AV support, show management, shipping, etc., we can craft a great presence that is customized just for you.

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